Scientific Methods

Michael Faraday Biography

Name: Michael Faraday English physicists Date of birth: September 22, 1791 Date of death: August 25, 1867 Profession: Physicist, Chemist Awards won: Copley Medal, Rumford Medal, Royal Medal Michael Faraday MICHAEL FARADY is the source of inspiration to people who think that higher education is absolutely necessary to be a renowned scientist like Faraday. This is not so! To support this argument Michael Faraday is t Continue Reading.

Sir Isaac Newton Biography

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton: Sir Isaac Newton Isaac Newton alone contributed more to the development of science than any other individual scientist in history of science. Newton was the most successful scientist in the world who meticulously defined scientific methods and their impacts upon human life. Newton’s contribution to modern science is enormous and immeasurable. He is widely acclaimed and recognise Continue Reading.