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C.V Raman Biography

C.V. Raman: Date of birth: 1888 Date of death: 1970 C.V. Raman SIR PROFESSOR CHANDRASHEKHARA VENKATA RAMAN WAS popularly known as Professor C.V.Raman.He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930 for his outstanding discovery of the scattering of light.All his life Raman worked for the cause of scientific development in India. Raman was an exceptionally brilliant boy right from his childhood.He passed all school and colle Continue Reading.

Sir Isaac Newton Biography

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton: Sir Isaac Newton Isaac Newton alone contributed more to the development of science than any other individual scientist in history of science. Newton was the most successful scientist in the world who meticulously defined scientific methods and their impacts upon human life. Newton’s contribution to modern science is enormous and immeasurable. He is widely acclaimed and recognise Continue Reading.