Biography of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was born in 1942.

Despite being physically handicapped,Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous scientist in the world today.Most people are amazed at seeing the rare insights and the active brain of Professor Hawking.Hawking is physically inactive due to a disease called ‘Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) that has confined him to wheelchair,and can hardly move or speak,but with aid of specially adapted computers he can work on computers and speak’.

‘ALS’ is a disease that gradually weakens muscle control in the body.Knowing the devasting effect of the disease,doctors had predicted only two years for Hawking to live when the diagnosis was made in.But due to Hawking’s strong willpower and determination he is still alive and continually working on his projects and enriches science like any other eminent scientist in the world today.

Prof.Hawking is now 66 and a father of three children.Although his physical body is almost incapable,Professor Hawking’s brain is highly active and as potent as it ever was.Professor Hawking has proved that with strong willpower no illness can be a hindrance.

Professor Hawking holds the prestigious post of Lucasian Professor Mathematics at the Cambridge University.This was the post Sir Issac Newton had occupied centuries before.

Prof.Hawking is an extraordinary scientist of this century who possesses rare insight in the study of universe.Due to wide range of research work and his imaginative power Professor Hawking is an equal to only Sir Issac Newton and Albert Einstein.Besides his scientific abilities he is also the best-selling author of his book,A brief History of Time.This book has already been translated into 33 languages and has sold more than nine million copies.Hawking deals with the most intricate questions like how the universe came into existence.How this universe will end in the last.

Professor Hawking spent most of his productive years at Cambridge University.He actively worked there for more than twenty five years.His thorough study on black holes,and the nature and origin of the universe,is revolutionary.Prof.Hawking has said that his life and science are inextricably linked.

STEPHEN HAWKING was born on in Oxford,England,on January 8,1942.Hawking was sent to a private school where he was an ordinary student like many others.Hawking did not have strong body from the childhood; he was weak and had some problems with his speech.In his school days Hawking hardly passed any examination with flying colors.However he was extremely good in mathematics and physics,he always achieved good marks in mathematics and physics,he always achieved good marks in these subjects.Hawking was awarded a scholarship to study in Oxford University in 1959,from this university Hawking received his degree in 1962.Immediately after receiving his degree Hawking wanted enroll for a PhD course but during this time he began to experience some strange changes taking place in his body.He was 21 when he went for a medical check-up, the doctors shocked Hawking by informing him that he had contracted “Amyotropical lateral sclerosis(ALS).The doctors said that the disease was almost in curable and there was nothing they could do for him-literally it was a kind of slow death.

‘ALS’ is a type of neuromuscular disease that gradually weakens muscular strength and the nerves of the spinal cord.As a result of ALS body cells lose their strength over time and cause muscle paralysis and the brain loses its control over the body muscles.So devastating is the effect of this illness,but surprisingly this diseases does not affect the brain and all its internal functions.The most important parts of the brain,such as thought and memory,are left untouched by A.L.S .As the illness develops in the body,the muscle atrophy all over the body and later respiratory seize up the muscles leading to death.

When the illness was confirmed doctors predicted two more years for Hawking to survive.Upon hearing the doctor’s heart-rending report,young and inspirational Hawking was terribly traumatized and felt into deep depression and became withdrawn.Hawking indulged in activities that could help him to forget the agonizing thoughts of imminent death.

Hawking with his supporter

Hawking with his supporter

Then miracle happened that completely changed the entire life  course of his life.She was none other than Jane Wilde.A lady of tremendous intelligence and wit.She inspired Hawking and hauled him out of the abyss of depression.Jane had already sensed genius hiding in Hawking and she did not want to let that genius die before it had blossomed and spread its fragrance in the world.One day Jane embraced Hawking and gave him a passionate kiss on his cheek and vowed she would not let him die without putting up a fight.These words gave Hawking courage and strength and he decided to live a life with Jane and fight against his cruel destiny.

Jane greatly assisted Hawking to put him back on track.Hawking once again joined Cambridge University and became one of the Phd students.He was very enthusiastic to complete the research work for the PhD.He also put all his heart and soul into the study of cosmology.Two years were spent in Cambridge University where Hawking put all his efforts in to penetrating the mystery of the universe.But unfortunately,during this period when Hawking was very busy in his research work,ALS become more active and its symptoms began to show-the disease was taking its dreadful toll on Hawking.

The diseases made it difficult to walk and to hold things properly.Hawking began to use a stick for support when walking.As a result of the diseases Hawking’s speech became very unintelligible.The disease was making its terrible advance with all its horrors,but Hawking continued his research work.The good thing was that in the company of Jane Hawking had stopped thinking about his deteriorating health and imminent death.

After years of hard work Hawking submitted his doctorate dissertation and it was gladly accepted by the University board members.The degree of PhD was conferred on Hawking in 1962 for his extra ordinary research works on Cosmology.At the time the PHd degree was conferred on Hawking in 1962 for his extra ordinary research works on Cosmology.At the time the PhD degree was conferred on him,Hawking was only 23-years old.Jane and Hawking got married in 1965 and set out to begin a new life together.

Now Hawking set to work with the aim of studying black holes.While he was still studying blackholes he published an important book,Large Scale Structure of Space- Time.Around this period Hawking made some startling discoveries too. He explained: “Previously it was though that nothing could escape from a black hole; but under  certain conditions,a black hole could emit subatomic particles-A kind of radiation”.

Hawking had been continously working to unfold the mystery gathered around the universe Hawking did his best to link relativity with quantum mechanics and call it the Grand Invitation Theory(GUT).

Hawking’s reputation as a brilliant scientist was continually soaring a result he was named a Fellow of the Royal Society when he was only 32- years old.Due to Dr.Hawking immense contribution  to physics, he was honored with the highly prestigious”Albert Einstein Award”.

Hawing in zero gravity

Hawking in zero gravity

Besides several other achievements Hawking has written several famous books innumerable research papers, articles, including a best selling book, A Brief History of Time. Some famous books written by Prof. Hawking are 300 years of gravity, the Large Scale Structure of Space-time,Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays, From the Big Bang to Black Holes,Super Space and Super gravity,The Very Early Universe,The Nature of Space and Time etc.

Professor Hawking would off and on pay visits to different countries and give lectures on the complex nature of the universe and its mysterious existence. Professor Hawking’s most extraordinary explanations are about black holes and the creation of this universe,among others he also tells us that what happens to black holes with the passage of time and what happens if things fall inside the black hole! Professor Hawking has been grappling with these  questions over several years and he has also made tremendous progress in this direction.

Prof.Hawking lives with his devoted wife Dr Jane along with their three children in England.Due to ASL he has lost his control over most of his body parts including his speech.At present Prof.Hawking communicates with the help of computer. His most precious asset is his brain that  is still intact and fine condition. Prof.Hawking has an unusual brain, so that he is compared next to only prof. Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac and newton.

prof.Hawking is  a living legend of this century. he is also the source of inspiration to many young scientists and others in the  world. professor  Hawking has proved that when fought by strong willpower even serious physical inability cannot be hindrance to creative works.

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