Biography of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in 1879 and died in 1955.

Professor Albert Einstein is famous for the theory of relativity and the formula E=mc2. Prof.  Einstein was awarded the highly prestigious and much coveted Nobel Prize in 1921 for the photoelectric effect.The theory of relativity has subsequent revolutionized the whole world.

Professor Einstein’s life was by no means a bed of roses.Several upheavals came in his life but nothing could deter him from his passion for science.Due to circumstances Einstein renounced German citizenship in 1896 and fled to America.

Einstein was appointed an examiner of patents at the Berne patent office in 1902.He remained in this position for seven years.At the same time,Einstein was working on the quantum theory.

The University of Zurich conferred the degree of PhD on Einstein for a thesis ‘On a new determination of molecular dimensions’ in 1905.Thereafter Einstein published some very thought-provoking papers in different scientific journals.His papers on theory of relativity were recognised as one of the major discoveries of Professor Einstein.During this time, he was also appointed full time  professor at a polytechnic college.

Professor Einstein was a peace loving man.He always talk about peace,goodwill,and co-operation.

Einstein always openly criticized Hitler’s aggressive political and military policies. As a result, he had to flee from Germany to USA in1993.

Professor Einstein’s theory of relativity was universally accepted and he was honoured by several institutions and organisations. But in the latter half of his life, he was accused of being a staunch communist and enemy of democracy. The American government even secretly ordered that an eye be kept on activities of Professor Einstein. Einstein was a dedicated scientist whose only political activities were his dedication to science, and only science.

ALBERT EINSTEIN was born on 14,1879 at  Ulm, Germany.As a small boy, Einstein took an interest in music and  began to play violin with skill. From his early childhood, Einstein was quiet,intelligent, and thoughtful.He was a slow  talker and not very outgoing.

Einstein’s father was working in a electrical equipment shop. His income from the shop was not big but he was making a good living. He was a very lucky, the business was constantly prospering because electricity had recently been discovered and new electricity lines were being installed all over Europe. As a result, Mr.Einstein was busy working long hours in the shop. He was taking new orders and dispatching them as per the demands.

Albert as a child

Albert as a child

During early childhood, Einstein did not have good health and as result he was thin and weak. The  poor health of the child worried his parents very much. They took the little boy to a child specialist too if there was anything basically wrong with the child. The doctor gave the boy a thorough check-up and found no major complications with is his health.

One day his father brought a compass to his son thinking he might like it. His father was very surprised to see his 5-years old son was completely absorbed in the compass.Einstein was amazed as the needle of the compass always indicated the north and the south poles. Einstein used to take his compass in woods and watch its needle for a long time,the compass needle always swing towards the north and made Einstein think that invisible power must be working behind every object. The compass was a curious object to Einstein and his only plaything.

Einstein was very different from the other boys of his age. He was not making many friends and linked to be alone with his toys.Einstein took an interest in music,especially in the violin.He took violin classes until he was 14.Einstein’s love for music lasted throughout his life.

Einstein did not show any interest in sports.He found sports prosaic and only waste of time and energy.He always loved to spend his time in solitude,so that he could brood over several questions to find their appropriate answers.

Einstein was admitted into a school in Munich in 1886 at the age of seven.At the same time,Einstein’s parents moved to Milan in 1894 but Einstein remained in Munich to continue his education.

Einstein showed great interest in mathematics and physics.Early school suggests that Einstein was quite brilliant in mathematics and physics,but he always criticized teachers for their strict manners and traditional type of teaching methods.The differences between administrative authorities and Einstein began to appear and get wider and wider.

The cave incident was the most exciting things that happened to him and that Einstein never forget in his life.He could often be found telling this incident to small children.

There was a cave near Einstein’s home.The cave was quite famous,had a frightening reputation,and was known as a ghost’s cave.This was the reason why no children would ever dare to play near this cave.But Einstein became a very curious and wanted to visit the ghost’s cave.Einstein was very inclined to science and did not believe in the existence

of ghost and ghouls,he regularly visited the cave to find out what made it notorious.Einstein’s friend told him not to step into the cave as it might make him go crazy,or the ghost might kill him.However,Einstein did not pay any attention to their warnings as he was a very determined boy and braves as a lion.Einstein went into the cave and uncovered the mystery hidden in there.He told the secret of the ghost’s cave to his friends.He said”At the other end of this cave there is an exit hole.When the wind blows strongly through the cave it comes out from this exit and we hear a whistling sound.Dear friends, there is no ghost in the cave.It is nothing but the sound of the wind blowing!”

Einstein was explaining the mystery as easily as telling story to his friends and they were grazing at his face and were enthralled,but many of them still did not really believe Einstein’s explanation.

From the very beginning,Einstein did not slow much interest in going to school.He had collected some books that interested him and read them for hours an his study room.He learnt many things by self-education.Einstein believed that real knowledge can only be gained when students are allowed to study books of their choice and teachers should teach their students according to the subjects that interested them.

Einstein’s favorite subjects were mathematics and physics.He would spend a great deal of time studying math and physics in the library and in the classroom.Einstein’s would ask many puzzling types of questions to his teachers which were sometimes difficult to answer.When Einstein did not get a satisfactory answer to his question,it would make him impatient and the restless.

Mr.Einstein’s electrical shop was running into difficulty,he was not making a good profit.The shop finally had to be shut down and Mr.Einstein left Germany and went to Italy in search of a better job opportunity.

Einstein book

Einstein book

Although Einstein’s parents went to Italy,Einstein continued his studies at the Gymnasium School.Due to the increasing differences between Einstein and the school authorities,Einstein left the Gymnasium School and joined his parents in Italy.Later on he left Italy and went to Switzerland to attend a school at Aarau.

Einstein was very glad to get into the company of the brilliant student in Switzerland.He drew the attention of the best teachers in Europe who were helping the young Einstein to shape his ideological concept in physics.Einstein had a deep interest in mathematics and science. He would sit late into the night and study science most of time. Einstein was constantly visiting the school library and reading books the librarian had to ask him to leave the library.

Einstein had finished his pre-university studies and joined the “Swiss Federal Institute of Technology” in Zurich; from this institute  he received a M.Sc. degree in physics. After getting the master of science M.Sc. degree of Zurich Einstein went straight to Germany to take a post  as a professor. As an intellectual giant in science  and technology Einstein had already gained a huge reputation. when Einstein sought to hold a post as a professor at a university in Germany,he was opposed by the senior professor he did not possess a PhD degree. this made Einstein Quit disappointed and finally he left Germany ti go back to Switzerland.

Einstein got  job in the Swiss patent office where he worked from 19o2 to1909.While working in the patent office,Einstein was also preparing his course for a Ph.D. degree.Einstein’s hard work and strong  will-power was re-warded. He was awarded a physics from university of Zurich in 1905. His PhD dissertation was ‘New Determination of Molecular Dimensions’. After he received his PhD degree Einstein was extremely happy because now nothing could stop him from becoming a professor in Germany. Einstein become a professor of physics at the University of Zurich, he was well-received by the young science students,but,some professor did not like professor Einstein as he was far a head of them in every respect.  The students listened to Einstein’s lectures on science which were full of witty remarks and wisdom.Once a while teaching his university students,Einstein had briefly summarised his theory of ‘Relativity’.the idea of Relativity was the just taking a vague shape in Einstein’s mind. IN the course of time, Einstein made a thorough and rigorous research and then developed the concept of relativity.

The concept of Relativity is the comparison of two things. Suppose a man is travelling in a train which has a speed of   80 km/hr,this train would seem to be travelling very fast to a person who is travelling in a train which has a speed of 100km/hr would feel that the previous train’s speed was very slow or almost at a standstill.Einstein constantly worked on his theory and expanded it and made it much easier to comprehend.

Einstein’s theory of Relativity had created a great whirlwind in the field of modern science.Einstein had written and published many papers in various scientific journals where he explained the concept of the theory of Relativity.Einstein’s theory of relativity added a new chapter in the study of “Time and Motion”.The scientist around the world found that the equation filtered=MC2 was an improvement on the famous Newton’s theory of gravitational force in the 1700’s.

For the first time Einstein had declared that light is a stream of tiny particles.This new concept of light paved the way for other scientist to invent motion pictures,television,and many other inventions based on this concept.

Professor Einstein was very glad when he was awarded with the Nobel Prize for the photoelectric effect.

After professor Einstein received the Nobel Prize ,many scholars and scientist around the world were eager to attend professor Einstein’s lectures about the concept of Relativity.As a result professor Einstein accepted invitations to visit several institutions and universities around the world.

Once the first Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi visited to professor Einstein.He received Jawahar Lal Nehru who he regarded as a great author and a patriotic freedom fighter of India.Professor Einstein was also a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi,he was very impressed with the non-violence movement had created.Another renowned Indian writer,Rabindranath Tagore,the first Asian to receive Nobel Prize for literature,was also a close friend of Einstein.

Professor Einstein was obsessed by the scientific thoughts all his life,he devoted most of his time to his scientific studies and experiments.He would always inspire young students by telling them to set a mission in their lives and work to achieve that goal no matter what the price they would have to pay for it.Professor Einstein’s contribution to science is immense,so great was his scientific contribution that he is also referred to as the “Father of Modern Science”.

Einstein theory

Einstein theory

Prof.Einstein was extremely sad when the Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which caused great destruction of lives and property as a result.He regretted all his life the use of the atomic bomb on the innocent people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Prof.Einstein had been a supporter of an anti-war movement.The socio-political ideology of Professor Einstein and the rise of the Nazis came to head on.Hitler personally disliked Prof.Einstein and his political belief which did not support Hitler’s or his military campaigns.

Prof.Einstein had special regard and sympathy for Jewish people.He praised Judaism as a religious of humanity that teaches goodwill,peace,and non-violence.Prof.Einstein said God can not be seen in any symbolic form,but is an energy within us which motivates every one of us for doing good.

Professor Einstein strongly supported the creation of a homeland for the Jewish in Palestine and he was also one of the founders of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.Prof.Einstein loved this university more than anything else in his life;he nurtured and pampered this university like his garden.He delivered the famous inaugural speech at the university and held a post as a governor,sat on the academic council of the university.Professor Einstein bequeathed all his literacy estate and personal papers to the university.

Professor Einstein died on 18 April at the age of 76.He was cremated at Trenton,New Jersey,USA.He insisted that on his death his brain be made available for research.When Einstein died in 1995 pathologist Thomas Harvey quickly preserved the brain and took samples and sections.

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